Friends of SNPL Foundation

The new building has reached shovel ready status–which is government lingo for ready to start construction but without funding.  To date we have raise nearly $5 million thanks to The Six Nations Community Development Trust and Six Nations Council for the Six Nations Archival Repository & Public Library Building (SNARPL).  Unfortunately, given the long delay in federal and provincial support, these promissory notes have expired, but we believe everyone will still be ready to move this project forward when the time comes.  With these promissory notes we hope to qualify for the additional $10 million in matched funds required to break ground.  The previous calls for funding from the Canada Action Plan did not allow the Culture Sector to apply.  With the new federal government promises of infrastructure dollars, we are looking for our supporters to both contribute financially, and to inform you MP and MPP that you believe Six Nations Public Library and the community of Six Nations deserves a new accessible home!

We still need to raise nearly $1 million in interior needs for the new building as well.  Without your support we not reach our goal and our Community Library will not happen.  Please help us get our new building started.  Thank you to everyone who attends are Blues Brews & Books series held the first Friday of the month in 2017 as well as those supported  2014 Charger SRT Superbee raffle and our annual Gala and Golf Tournaments.

It takes a Library to Raise a Community and it will take a Community to Raise our Library.

Foundation  Mandate

Foundation Initiatives

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The Friends of the Six Nations Public  Library Foundation was established by SNPL Board Resolution on November 17,  2010 and acknowledge by Ontario’s Ministry of Government Services on March 28,  2011 and approved as a Charity on December 21, 2011 by the Charities  Directorate.

As a Registered Charity, the  Foundation exists to support the efforts of the Six Nations Public Library, the  SNPL Board, and the initiatives, programs and services of the staff of  SNPL.  Donation are always welcome to the Foundation for an Official Tax Receipt.

The Foundation, as a registered charity, follows all CRA charitable legislation as well as the Ontario Employment Standards Act.  The Foundation policies are public and available for review.

Foundation Mandate

The Friends of  the Six Nations Public Library Foundation has a core goal to  support and enhance the Six Nations Public Library mission to enrich  lives and build community while ensuring universal access to resources for  life-long learning, research, culture and historical archives.  The Foundation Board will accomplish its  mandate through:

  1. Fundraising,  financial campaigning, and maintaining funding support of the Library, Library  initiatives, and the Library Archives;
  2. Fundraising  for capital expenses for the Library and the Library Archives;
  3. Advocating  for donations of goods and materials, historic and contemporary, to be added to  or on permanent loan to the Library Archives;
  4. Advocating  for increased funding from private and government sectors in a non-partisan  manner;
  5. Supporting  literacy, research, and life-long learning goals of the Library through  fundraising, in-kind donations and donations of artifacts, materials, and goods  of relevance to the Local History Collection of the Library;
  6. Advocating  for and commissioning research which is of relevance to the Local History  Collection and Archives of Library.

In order to meet  these stated purposes, the Foundation will conduct the activities of promotion, advocacy, financial support requests, and requests for donations of artifacts and artwork.  All requests are independent of the Library and by the support of the Foundation Board.

2017-2018 Foundation Initiatives

Four major initiatives of the Foundation  for the years of 2011-2016 are:

1. Assist Six Nations Elected Council to identify matched funds from the Provincial and Federal Governments for the $15 Million building in our  Capital Campaign ;

2.To expand and replace physical & digital archival collections of the Library ;

3. Support the Library in operational and technical expansion initiatives;

Donate Now

Any individual interested in supporting the largest First Nation Public Library in Canada is encouraged to become an active Patron and Benefactor. Donations (cash, materials or in kind), material loans  (permanent, short-term for digitization, or by agreement), and bequeaths/planned giving are all imperative to the growth of the Foundation and the successes of the Six Nations Public Library.

For more information of how you may contribute, please contact Dr. Sabrina Redwing Saunders, or 519-445-2954. All small and major contributions are welcome.

 Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation would like to welcome a new Directors to our Board as of May 2014.

Kim Logan (President), 2013- Bio

Jeff Burnham, 2014- Bio

Rev. Norm Casey, 2017- Bio

Don Lynch, Founding Board Member, 2010- Bio

Marion MacDonald (SNPL Representative), 2014- Bio

Ron Monture, Founding Board Member, SNPL Representative, 2010- Bio

Sabrina ER Saunders, Executive Director (Officer to the Board), 2010- Bio

Annual Report

  • The 2017 Annual Report will be published in early Fall following the approval of the 2017 Audit.