SNPL’s logo consists of a lamp of enlightenment rising from the pages of a book. Surmounting that is a silver brooch which goes by several names including the national emblem of the Iroquois and the brooch of brotherhood.

In 1966 when the Women’s Institute of Ohsweken began campaigning for the community library, the original thinking was to have the Six Nations Public Library called the Pauline Johnson Memorial Library. Although the name was not used, SNPL utilizes the brooch which has historical significance to the community and was written of by the famous Haudenosaunee poetess. In P. Johnson’s story, she states that the brooch is representative of two men, although opposing warriors, who eventually came together as brothers, sharing life and assets.

We see SNPL as a place of enlightenment for the community, but also as a clearinghouse of Indigenous information for all of residents of the territory who may wish to learn about historical and contemporary Indigenous issues.

Much thanks to Scott Wicks for the in-kind donation of our re-adapted logo.