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with the Digital Archive

Almost anything can be added to the Digital Archive. We can scan, record, take a photograph, and help to digitize video and audio formats. This knowledge is for our communities and nations living right now, as well as for future generations. We do not keep the actual items unless you want us to. Have an old video? We will find a way to digitize it. Have something your great-uncle made? We can photograph it. A medal your grandmother received? We can take a photo. We scan images and documents. We can also give you a copy of the digitization. None of these would be fully complete without the history you share with us about the item. So, you will need to tell us as much as you can about the item – this will be saved with the digitized version of the item itself.

We can place restrictions in the Digital Archive if you request. We prefer not to but we understand there is sometimes a need to protect sensitive information. In the case of sensitive artifacts in the archive, those searching will find the name of the item and can contact the library to put in a request to see the digital version we have stored. We will share it based on the rules for that particular item; sometimes this may require special permission from the donor.

If you have questions or suggestions we look forward to hearing from you!


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