Hello FNPLs.  As discussed, I have uploaded our most current policies here in word.  You are welcome to take what works for you and scrap the rest.

Headings are usually set by the band, so if you get a copy of any policy, you can mirror that heading, especially if you need to share them and have them approved elsewhere.

Throughout this document you will find Six Nations Public Library and SNPL, so if you are cannibalizing for yourself, please complete a search for these words and make sure, at the very least, you change these.  We also refer to our Board, which may need to be adjusted to your own governance structure.

Below are the Word version and you may also find our pdf policies and policy page at SNPL Policies

1. Prepages

2. Foundational Statements

3. Bylaw & Governance

4. Human Resources

5. Patron Services

6. Collections Management

7. Appendix