In response to the queries the Library and Foundation staff have received about the construction project undertaken by SNEC on 4th line: The road and site utilities are going in for the larger project of the multiple acre site off 4th line.  The new SNARPL building is one of the intended structures that will go onto this much larger location.  The SNGRDC Economic Development Trust provided a contribution towards this new road and site works and we are excited to see movement on the larger project.  There is no direct movement, at this time, on the SNARPL project, as we are still awaiting matched funding from Federal/Provincial grants and hope that our governments will release calls for cultural infrastructure in the future.  Should you have specific questions about the road or site works, SNEC’s Public Works Department should be contacted.  If you are looking for information on the Trust’s contribution, you may contact Public Works as the recipient or the Trust directly.