Library CEO (2007-); Foundation Executive Director (2010-)

In 2001 I returned to Six Nations after a generation of the family had lived in Buffalo, NY.  Since then I have worked for numerous  post-secondary institutions as advisor, counselor, recruiter and instructor.  My certifications as elementary teacher in both Ontario and New York State have offered me the chance to teach and work for Boards, Authorities, and the Ministry at improving education for our peoples.  When the opportunity was presented to take on the Directorship of the Library, I saw it  as another area of education that could impact our community.

In 2011 I completed my Ph.D. in Theory &  Policy Studies: Educational Administration, where I focused on the Post-RCAP era of Aboriginal education.  My own publications and  hands on knowledge of post-secondary research have been an asset in assisting the personal interest researcher and the post-secondary student.

I am actively involved in Ontario Library and First Nations library services.  I have completed the Excel: Management of Small Public Libraries and the Advanced Excel certificates by the Southern Ontario Library Services (SOLS); the Leadership Summit Certificate I and II offered by the Ontario Library Services-North; the Advancing Public Library Leadership two-year certificate offerred through SOLS and the University of Waterloo; as well as ongoing  training workshops and institutes.  I am always upgrading to enhance my abilities as the CEO so I can do more for our community library and our members.

In 2009 I began the active advocacy for a new library facility for our community.  As a major initiative to see the enhancement of services and the growth of our new building project I assisted the incoming Foundation Board to establish as a charity in 2010 and then began the ongoing fundraising as the Friends of the SNPL Foundation volunteer Executive Director.  SNPL is a community hub and a jewel.  I am proud to be a Member of the Team as we Empower, Educate and Entertain.